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Kebab (kebap, kabab, kebob, kabob, kibob, kebhav, or kephav) is a wide variety of skewered meals originating in the Middle East and later on adopted in the Balkans, the Caucasus, other parts of Europe, as well as Central and South Asia, that are now found worldwide. In English, kebab with no qualification generally refers more specifically to shish kebab (Turkish: "şiş kebap") cooked on a skewer. In the Middle East, however, kebab refers to meat that is cooked over or next to flames; large or small cuts of meat, or even ground meat; it may be served on plates, in sandwiches, or in bowls. The traditional meat for kebab is lamb, but depending on local tastes and religious prohibitions, it may now be beef, goat, chicken or fish. Like other ethnic foods brought by travellers, the kebab has become a part of everyday cuisine in many countries.

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May 10, 2013

Now serving Buffet at the cheaper price with variety of dishes freshly made every day.



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Welcome to Malik's Kabob

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to our restaurant, where you can eat and drink in a relaxed and comfortable setting. At Malik’s Kabob we offer the best of Pakistani food using the best mixes of spices catered to your taste.  

The Restaurant opened in 2009 and have subsequently become a favourite rendezvous with its regular clientele, enjoying good food in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Malik’s Kabob is also available for private hire for events, weddings or parties. Please contact us for tailored menus and prices.

"Whether you want a relaxed, casual meal or great food, Malik's Kabob is the restaurant for you"